October 15, 2013

Don't stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die

I was always the person that never could do anything alone. I went to the cinema only if my friends went with me. I went shopping only if someone went with me. Hell, I bought ice-cream if only someone bought it too. I do not know why I always had this thing about never doing anything alone but it really has been getting to my nerves lately. The previous Saturday I was having a really rought day - life was getting a bit to hard to handle, I just needed to get out of my house and go somewhere, do something. I texted three of my best friends and all three of them were busy either studying, cleaning her room or out with other friends. I felt so alone and even more sad but I just couldn't stay home. So I did what I never did before - I went out alone. I took a book and went to the beautiful Bernardin gardens all by myself. I sat there and read alone. When the weather got a bit too chilly I went to a coffee shop, ordered a pistachio lattee and sat there all alone with my book and a delicious cup of coffee. And when the night came, I did my makeup, put a beautiful blue retro dress, took my dance shoes, sat on my bike and I rode to a big lindy hop dance party. Drinking coffee and reading a book alone was first level stuff, but going to a party all alone that was something very hard to make myself do. I always used to go to these parties with my dance partner but he left me and stopped dancing some time ago. However, the event was so beautiful and I met a lot of friends there so I wasn't alone at all. I barely got few minutes to rest my feet because I danced almost the whole night. 
 Despite being so affraid to do something alone, I really enjoyed it. A person needs to learn to be all by himself but once he does it becomes a real pleasure. I needed that time to unwind my head and this little thing changed my attitude big time.
Love, Kamille
P.S. These photos are not mine. They're made by my beautiful friend Justa.
P.P.S.: The post title has nothing to do with what I just wrote. Here's where it's from:


  1. Taip smagu už tave :) Pasiryžus kažkur išeit vienam apima tikrai geras jausmas, smagu perlipt per save pačią!

  2. loved your post! you are right! we need to learn how to be lonely cats and stop depending on others. it´s a perfect way to realise how strong we are!
    btw, beautiful images!


  3. Sometimes doing things alone is exactly what we need! Sounds like a fabulous day and night :)
    Charlotte Adele

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  7. Well, we should never stop taking chances. :)
    I love what you wrote.

    Ru|Glitter & Blush
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  8. this is a great post :) i know that feeling,i also never wanted to do things alone.but once you get used to it,it's not as difficult as you might think :)

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  9. Lovely photos! <3
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    1. Thank you, my dear!
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