October 24, 2013

There’s an endless road to re-discover

 Yesterday was a good day. When you're studying medicine, you don't really get the chance to just do stuff that much. I'm not talking about big things like parties,events or festivals, I'm talking about reading a book, going out for coffee or for example sleep. I saw a picture somewhere on the internet - a triangle with some word on every angle: good grades, social life, enough sleep, and in the middle it is written "choose two". Well, in medicine you can only choose one - not that hard to guess which one. 
 So going out has become something very rare but very special. I barely remember the last time when I went out in the middle of the week. Yesterday we had a big important exam to pass but we did not have to study anything afterwards and that happens like 2 times in a month. So my groupmates and me went to the Lithuania's national little theatre (Lietuvos mažasis teatras) to see a play. I love love love(!) theatre but being in university means that I don't have much money that's just there to spend. That's the reason why I don't go to the theatre as much as I would like too. But yesterday the play was free for all university and college students. I think that it's a great idea for a theatre to do this free day once in a while that even the poor young people could see something nice and do something special. The play was okay. Not the best that I have ever seen, but I still appreciated every minute of it. 
 Afterward me and my pals went for some hot wine in a little winery called 'notre vie'. It was nice just sitting there with close people and relaxing after the exam. We made friends with the bartender, invented a few private jokes and became better at understanding each other. The place was extremely cozy and warm and we did not want to go back to the wet and cold streets but when we finally did, we discovered that the night was beautifully warm and alive. Not wanting to go home just yet, we put our hands on each other's shoulders and had a little night tour of the old town. I fell in and over with love with the friends and the city. The moon was big and shinny. The streests were lightened with old and beautiful street lights. The company was the best I could ask for. We made a lot of pictures on every street corner and made a lot of noise everywhere we went. 
 When I finally came back home, I dropped down in bed and slept like a baby. Too bad that I had only 5 hours of sleep 'cause I had lectures in the morning that I couldn't miss. When I woke up my body felt dead tired but at the same time my heart, soul and brain felt rested. That is what friends do for you - they remind that you are alive when you forget how to do this yourself.

I send you lots of love.

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