June 30, 2014

Gazing at the stars so bright

This was a long month full of changes. When it started I had to deal with my exams. To do so I moved to my grandparent's summer-house and studied there. I always liked staying there, I liked the smell of the house, I liked the green garden that my grandparents keep, I liked that I had a balcony there, I liked swimming in a nearby lake or riding my bicycle in the forest. But this time my life there was so much different that it used to be. Every single morning I would get up early, have my breakfast, study 'till noon, then have lunch, ride my bicycle to the store for some icecream, come back, study 'till the evening, have dinner, watch a movie on my laptop and then study some more before going to bed. I lived liked this for 20 whole days 'till my last exam. It was a little nightmare to be stuck in this routine and to not be able to change anything about it 'cause I needed to study. Well, at least it payed off - my grades are good and now it's all over.
But man, the last 10 days of June were different like day and night from the first 20 ones.  I chilled in bed for a few days, I went on a canoe adventure with my buddies from the uni, me and my two best friends took a bus to another country to see Kings of Leon concert (!!), I partied a bit, I went out to the city to watch world football championship, me and my loveliest friend had a sleepover. If the first 20 days were like a nightmare, these last 10 days felt like a beautiful dream. I sincerely and literally loved almost every second of it.
Unfortunately wether I was busy studying or busy finally living , I still didn't have any time for my little internet space right here. I didn't share anything, didn't reed any other blogs. But I think it was a good silence, the one that helps to refocus on what you want from doing this and what are you doing it for. I really love sharing my life here and I really missed doing it this month. I don't think I'm going to get any less busy 'cause tommorow I'm starting my first ever job, but I will definitely be found here more.
So I wish you a great new week and I'll meet you here!
Love, Kamile

P.S. The picture is of the view from my balcony in my grandparent's summer-house.


  1. Lovely view...
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  2. I definitely know what that monotonous study routine is like :( so glad you've had a blissful remainder of June though. It sounds as though your earlier visits to your grandparents' were glorious xxx