July 20, 2014

The first half

 Just right now, when I started writing this post, is when I realized that half the summer has passed. Could it gone by any faster? I doubt it. It feels like summer has been here only for a few days and that so little things have been done and so many things are coming up. With all the exams and my new job now, there's just so little time to enjoy these beautiful days and warm nights. For the past few weeks it seems that all I have been doing was working and sleeping. But when I think about it a little more, all the adventures that have already passed this summer fall in their right places in my head and it seems that this first half of summer wasn't so empty at all.
 At this first half there was rain and there was sunshine. There was laughter and there were tears. There were adventures and there were boring work hours. There were nights filled with songs and there were hot nights trying to fall asleep. There were lake days, there were cocktail nights. There were concerts and there were tv nights. There were movies and there were books. There was chilling and there was crying myself to sleep. There was icecream and there was hot tea. There were sleepovers and there was loneliness. There was hapiness and there was disappointment. And there were not enough pictures taken.

- Kamile


  1. I wish every moment could be captured in times in our lives. These are so beautiful!
    xo TJ