June 3, 2014

Daddy's sunshine

 Here's a few snaps from last weekend when my whole family gathered in my grandparent's summer house to celebrate father's day. Our family has a tradition to gather every year on the first weeking of the summer to open summer house season. We roasted some meat, we talked a lot, we gathered some herbs from the gardens, me, my sister and my cousins helped our grandma to prepare all sorts of salads from the good things we found in her garden. We sunbathed in the sunshine, played with sprinklers a little. Then all the women went to a nearby lake for a little dip in the cold water. When we came back, the whole family gathered around the table and enjoyed the goods that we had there. We didn't watch any tv, we didn't turn the radio on - we just sat there enjoying each other's company and talked. It was a great weekend, the nature was so green and rich, the weather was finally amazing (sunshine really shined for my daddy), the family was warm and welcoming - every single little thing felt perfect for me.
Love, Kamile

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