September 25, 2013


This September was all about:
- My grandma's garden's treasures. I already ate all of these babies;
- Enjoying the warm weather and having a picknick out with Eglė at Bernardin gardens;
- Pumpkin muffins. When it's autumn I love everything that's from/with pumpkins. And I love muffins all the time. What could be a better mix?;
- Smoking hookah, drinking whiskey and listening to old records with close friends. Probably my favourite night from autumn;
- Partying with my rock'n'roll friends;
- Sparing some time from studies to watch some great movies;
- Watching through my bedroom window how autumn slowly takes over the weather and how everyday it gets more and more chilly;
- Resting my mind with some good books;
- Mushroom picking at the most beautiful forests and fishing at the deepest lakes with my dad (no matter what's the weather);
- Eating lots and lots of pumpkin soup that my mama cooked for me. And my mama surely cooks it best!;
- Hanging around the city with friends with beer/coffee/tea or just only their great company.
I hope September was good for you too.
Love, Kamile


  1. KOKIOS gražios nuotraukos! Matosi, kad buvo geras mėnesis :))

  2. I love that black and white photos of you and your friends. A bit of rock and roll is always good for the soul. ^_^

    1. I'm not actually in that picture:) But still thanks!