September 4, 2013

Saying my last goodbyes

This is me remembering this past summer for the last time and saying my goodbyes till next year. So many different and beautiful memories, so many places visited and so many people hugged. I think it was the fastest summer I ever had but one of the bestest too.
 summer had the most perfect start - Lana's concert

 It's not healthy to always stay healthy

 the most beautiful hair that I ever braided
 The coolest dude in my family

 Our home of summer days and nights
 roller skating - something I didn't got the chance to do as much as I wanted this summer

 my beautiful baby smiling
 ice cream + strawberries
 sunset + champagne + beautiful friend = perfection
Pictures by me and some by Miglė


  1. great shots! the last one is my fav. it´s true, it´s not healthy to stay healthy all the time. sometimes the forbidden is most appealing.

    1. I have always wanted to be an indian. The last shot is when I got the chance to try it.
      Thank you, Leticia.