September 7, 2013

One week done, many to go

The first week of autumn and university is finally over! The first few days the weather screamed that "it's autumn! the summer's over!" cause it rained non stop and I even started thinking about finding my leather gloves in the wardrobe. But the second half of the week turned out to be surprisingly warm and sunny. So warm summery nights, when you can stay out, are not totally over. Too bad that I've already cought a cold! I'm drinking huge cups of tea with lemon and honey but my flu doesn't show any signs of vanishing. Not the best start into autumn, but no worries there. I just hope that I will recover at least a bit for todays music week concerts.
 1/2/3/4/Fishing trip with my dad. It rained almost all the time but we cought a lot of fish! // 5/ My biochemistry book. I studied at full speed this few days // 6/My 'healthy" tea cup. When I'm sick, I need to use thea heavy artillery.

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