July 23, 2015

#Foodspiration: vegetarian

Recently I went to a music festival and there I discovered the best vegetarian food restaurant ever! Everything they had was so healthy and mouthwatering. Too bad that we don't have this specific one in our country. But since the festival I've been very excited to try out and cook more vegetarian meals myself. Right now I eat meat, however, it's mostly chicken or fish. A few years back I loooooved meat, any kind of meat would make me happy. But on the other hand I always felt guilty to eat it, I didn't feel like I deserved it. So I became a vegetarian for the idea of it and at first it was all fine, it was surprisingly easy to give up meat even when I loved it so much. But I was too young, I did not know how and what should I eat to get all the nutrients that I needed. After a while my body started getting really unhealthy. I used to be a person that never gets sick, but I was a vegetarian for exactly a year and in that year I got sick 7 times. I still try to get back to the healthiness level I was in before my vegetarian phase. 
 However, when the year ended and I decided that I need meat, my taste in it changed. Now I can only eat chicken and sometimes (but very rarely) beef and I can't even look at pork - I don't like the smell, the taste, the view. Also I think everything vegetarian looks so tasty and good for you. So sometimes I'd much rather eat something vegetarian, especially in places that I don't know too well. Today I've been browsing the internet for vegetarian meals all day and I'm very pleased with what I've found. So these are my 5 best choices. Bon appetit!

- Kamile

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