May 25, 2015

Spring ♥

Wow. This spring passed so so quickly. Once again I failed to notice how short the beauty of spring lasts and now it's once again almost over. However, I don't remember a spring when I had so many new things happening in my life. Once in a while I stop and just think at what place my life is right now and I would have never believed where I'm going to be if someone had told me this a year ago. Only a couple of months ago I was having a very very bad period in my life where happiness seemed to be nowhere insight. And now all I can be is happy. The only bad thing about this spring was that most of it I spent without my laptop (it was broken) and I couldn't write or post anything here and I wanted to do it soooo much! Plus not having where to put my photographs was the main reason why I only took so little of those. But I'm sharing what I managed to catch.

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