December 7, 2013


 This post is about a week late but I just couldn't find any time earlier. So again I'm saying better late than never.
November was all about:
- Partying at MeDi week - it's medstudent's days. Our  university has this tradition of celebrating every faculty's week. Medstudent's days were awesome and had a huge closing concert with all the famous musicians and the money gathered from tickets were donated to charity.
- Baking only one cake in a whole month! I just didn't have the time.
- Studying A LOT. Alone or sometimes with friends.
- Discovering some more beauty in my own city. It never ends to surprise me.
- Taking a bunch of vitamin pills every morning. When studying this much I still need to maintain healthy which is kind of hard to do.
- Watching 'breaking bad'. Finally! And yeah, it's as awesome as everyone said. And also I started a show called 'elementary' which is really interesting too and has a lot of medical terms in it so I feel very satisfied when I understand what the characters are talking about.
- Loving my cat of which I somehow didn't take any pictures. That's called self control, people. Everyone is dead tired looking at cat pictures from 50 different angles and it doesn't matter how much I love taking them.
- Dancing even more than before. It's the only thing that keeps me alive.
- Going to see our city's Christmas tree opening at the last day of November.

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to but hey, it's still something that I took these (except the last one - Miglė from meet me on the balcony did it, but I was there, so it still counts). November was okay, not good, not bad, but just okay of a month. There were extremely good and extremely bad days but most of them were just spent studying and checking facebook and that is not what I call a satisfying day. But December is now here and yesterday it snowed the whole day so there's snow everywhere you look and that is sooo beautiful. My group mates started playing 'secret angel' Christmas game (we secretly give little presents to each other every day and no one knows who gave it) so I'm feeling the Christmas mood already. I'm listening to Christmas songs every day and eat a lot of mandarins which smells like Christmas to me. Tommorow I'm going shopping for Christmas decorations with my mom so wish me good deals!
Merry December!
Love, Kamile

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