March 24, 2013

Marie Antoinette

Tomorrow I am going on a little trip with my bestfriend to the seaside, we're planning to stay there for the whole week ( it's SPRING BREAK!) so I won't be able to post my weekly "monday inspiration" post. That's why I'm kind of in a way doing it now. Today I watched a film called "Marie Antoinette" and I can say that it pleased me very much. Usually I'm not a fan of these history movies but I really enjoyed this one. Marie Antoinette was the queen of France and although she made A LOT of bad choices I still think she's very inspiring. She's my "premonday" inspiration. And in my opinion Kirsten Dunst was superb in this role, it really did fit her. So I say Bravo! and clap my hands (the one's who did or will watch the movie will understand:) ).

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  1. Labai faini tavo šitie pirmadienio postai!
    O šitą filmą aš labai labai mėgstu! :)