February 22, 2015


 Here are some photos from my not so recent trip to Manchester (or Man.chest. as our bus sign from Liverpool to Manchester stated! haha!). AS ALWAYS I've been quite busy and didn't have any time to sort these pictures out. But this morning I felt the need to go through them and I got to posting them. Finally!
This trip was really amazing. It was the perfect end to my winter exam session and I was really good seeing my friend that lives in Manchester for her birthday. I disliked England (sorry) for most of my life even though I never visited it before but this little trip of ours changed my opinion 180 degrees. I loved every single thing there (well, maybe except the constant rain) and now I can't wait to go back there!


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    1. Taaip, visiškas pavasarėlis ten buvo tuo metu:)

  2. Why did you dislike England? I'm curious. I loved all of these photos :) I loved Liverpool but didn't enjoy my 24 hours in Manchester. Sure Chinatown and Gay Village were nice, and one or two pubs were great fun but it's not a city that makes me want to come back, to be honest. Maybe it was the traumatic experience of a very crowded Christmas Market...? Don't know, maybe I expected too much from a place that is home to so many of my favourite bands. xx