January 29, 2015

How life gives you lessons

Have you ever felt like sometimes everything you do seems to turn against you? I know I have. I don't know if it's the planets aligning or karma for something evil I forgot that I did or just plain bad luck coming on and off but my life seems to go like a rollercoaster. For a while my life stays in order and the stars shine in my favor but just when I get comfortable living easy, having luck on my side and not sweating on anything a bomb goes off and everything around me seems to explode. Things start breaking, I'm getting the worst possible questions on an exam, my heart gets broken time after time, the injuries come back and I don't seem to succeed in anything. Luck just runs out. These radical ups and downs have haunted me my whole life. I know that everyone's life is kind of like that but for some they're not as drastic. When it's the up phase, everything is as awesome as it can get. But when the down comes, it's worse than horrible.
 All my life I used to dread times when the up ended. I could live with bad things happening one at a time, but all my life if something bad happens then it's all things at once. That makes it ten times harder to deal with the problem itself, 'cause I know there's nine more waiting for me and it eats me up. It gets just too overwhelming.
 However, over time I kind of learned to live with this. I'm enjoying the ups when they come and I step by step learn to live with the downs. Now I try to take these failures and misfortunes and see them like life lessons. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe what now seems like the worst setback, will one day turn out to be the most valuable lesson I have ever learned in my entire life. These bad things - doesn't matter if they're big or small - just make me smarter and stronger. Failures make me stop for a little while and get me looking from a different angle. When my favourite thing breaks, I learn to realize that things are just things, doesn't matter how much I like them. When I get a bad mark from the exam, I learn that if I want to succeed, I need to work hard and not just depend on getting good questions. When I fall down and get hurt, I learn that I need to be more careful on my steps (literally and metaphotically) or maybe walk slower (as long as I don't stop).
 Failure after failure I get better at life. And things that used to feel like tragedies, now seem like little bumps on the road that I just pass through without looking back.
 Love, Kamile

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