December 3, 2012

Christmas lights are finally here

Some time ago I created a rule for myself - I am not allowed to feel Christmas spirit when it's still autumn. And finally this cold and grey last month of autumn, that kept me so uninspired, is over! It's winter! Though I love summer so so much, my favorite month of the year is still December - with no doubt it's the most beautiful time of the year. Last year it was really grey and unpleasant, because there was no snow at all and it kept raining all the time. But this year it's different from the first few days. There's so much snow outside that I don't even know how I will get to University dry and it keeps on snowing further, nevertheless I love it! I don't care that it's so cold, wet and hard to walk, It's too beautiful to feel unhappy about it. And I can feel that Christmas spirit taking over me and I'm just so happy!

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