November 16, 2012


Recently I had to study so much, that I hadn't had time to do anything. I never though that it would take this much effort to study in an university. Although everyone told me, that it's not going to be easy, not even in my wildest imagination I could imagine that I will ever have to go through what I'm going through now. I don't have time for anything - friends, fun, family - everything's abandoned. In my few minutes that are free I try to do something interesting or useful, but I never have the energy. The days pass with me stuck in the routine. And because I don't have any time to make new memories, I start to remember old ones and feel so nostalgic. So many friends, who I though were with me for a lifetime, are distant and not mine anymore, so many adventures forgot and so many of them never happened. It's sad sometimes when life turns to such a different angle. Half a year ago I would have said that the things that are happening now, would never happen  And the bad thing is that I don't know if everything is for the best, but I surely hope so. The weird thing is that even though I feel sad all the time, I can't help but feel extremely happy for no reason at all at the same time. This sadness makes me enjoy simple things that I wouldn't enjoy normally. It's interesting how a person can feel so many feelings at the same time. It feels like I'm in love, but not with another person, but with myself, my life and the fact that I'm miserable at the same time makes me somehow even more happy. Strange isn't it?

These are some pictures that me and one of my now-lost-friends took. I just felt like  reviewing them today and then remembered how much I liked them. So I'm sharing them here.


  1. Niekad nepamiršk, kad aš tave labai labai myliu, mieloji :*